Holly Drew


I’m Holly Drew, a recent graduate from Algonquin College’s graphic design program, with a diploma in professional writing and four years of experience in visual communications. Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio.

I’ve been fortunate to build a history working with several wonderful teams. In addition to graphic design, my history includes working in communications, social media, writing, as well as event planning and coordination.

The work experiences I value most have involved using my communication skills to further interests I care deeply about. These experiences have included advocating for nature conservation, strengthening Canada’s healthcare system, and youth socio-economic wellness. I hope that my future is filled with similar opportunities.

— Portfolio —

— Motion Design —


This video was made using the rotoscoping technique with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Rotoscoping involves using video footage as a base to draw over frame by frame to create an animation. I used a video of two MMA fighters in an octagon, I opted to leave out the octagon cage from the animation.

Descriptive Word

For this assignment we were tasked with selecting a word and creating an animation that exemplifies the meaning of that word. I chose the word conspiracy.

Repeating GIF

Looping GIFs can be great content for social media or website highlights. I created my GIF to be like a loading screen display.

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