ONA election logo revamp

Freelance Logo Redesign

Redesigning ONA’s Nurses’ Vote logo in accordance with their branding guide.

Goals & Purposes

To create a new eye-catching logo for ONA’s election campaign to remind their 68,000 nurses and healthcare professionals and 18,000 nursing student affiliates to vote for causes that ONA focuses on.

The key message given for inspiration was “The power of many voting together” and the keywords: motivation, determination and unity.
Project Scope

What: Revamping the look of the Ontario Nurses Association Nurses’ Vote logo for the 2020 provincial logo

Where: Freelance, Remote, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

When: February 14-28, 2021

Who: Ontario Nurses Association; Katherine Russo, Communications Officer

Software & Programs:
Adobe Illustrator

Ideas & Sketches

I provided three distinct concepts to choose from to refine into the final product. As this was a two-week timeline, we could only focus on two of the concepts moving forward.

Feedback & Revisions

ONA’s communication team wanted to see concepts 2 and 3 expanded. I was given the following feedback:

Concept #2:
Can you play with text to make it more prominent, perhaps with shearing (on ballot box or working ballot box into text somehow)
Get rid of fists – they look too busy in this design.
Try keeping a health symbol or multiple hands, but it can’t be too busy.

Concept #3:
Can you try adding a wordmark as sheared text with fewer faces?
It is a bit too busy right now, so if it can be simplified with one or two silhouettes, that would be great.

Final Version

The final version turned out to be similar to the original but with a little bit more flare. The font and colours are from ONA’s branding. The logo is a hand placing a ballot in a ballot box. The ballot box has the healthcare plus symbol to speak to how ONA was encouraging members to vote for MPPs that side with ONA on healthcare issues.

If I were to redo this logo, I would like to see how this would look with the dimensions for isometric designs and find a way for the text to either be flat or more integrated into the box.

During the process, I preferred concept 1 with the 3 nurses in the feminist Rosie the Riveter pose as well as concept 3’s update with the one face. I think those two designs look clean, inspiring, and would look great with and without the words. However, I am happy we were able to create a logo that ONA preferred to represent them.